Hybris Healers

is a Stockholm-based band, consisting in part of visual artists. They have intentionally developed more or less under the radar for the past 25 years, and their music has earned a small, but loyal following, mainly through word of mouth. Their characteristic sound has been crafted over the years, and features a mix of flavours that together form a rich, dynamic weave that is both timeless and contemporary. There is a distinctly melancholic, filmic quality to Hybris Healers' music with an open-minded, creative approach, as well as a penchant for exploratory, improvisational excursions.

Martin Ålund: keyboards, programming
Magnus Engstedt: lyrics, vocals, theremin
Richard G Carlsson: guitar
Mattias Larson: FX sounds, percussion
Roland Högdahl: drums, percussion
Gunnar Thullberg: bass guitar



+46 703 30 50 81

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